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Haeli is a registered yoga teacher and is trained in yoga for mental health including trauma-informed yoga, yoga for sexual trauma, and yoga for sex. 

Yoga is so much more than the poses and is definitely not about being flexible. Yoga with Haeli will include focus on meditation, breathe work, mindfulness and self love. 

Some of the yoga classes include:

Yoga classes can be taken individually (per class), a monthly punch pass, or you can purchase a monthly unlimited pass. 

Yoga flow basics
Yoga for trauma
Yoga for better sex
Yoga for sexual healing
Yoga for self-love

benefits of yoga with Haeli

Haeli's yoga focuses less on the poses & flexibility & more on the body-mind connection.

Yoga classes are taught from a trauma conscious lens. Read more here about that!

It's yoga that improves your mental health, self-love, self-esteem & more.

All classes are recorded so if you have to miss for any reason you'll still be able to do it. 

FREE Yoga Class

Haeli believes in and loves the benefits of yoga for better mental health and she wants everyone to try it at least once. So sign up here for your free yoga class and give it a try. If you decide you want more, you can pick from pay per class, a package of four classes or unlimited monthly classes. Are you ready to give yoga a try? 


frequently asked questions

Do I need to have done yoga before?

No! Yoga is for everyone at any stage. I love working with beginners that are new to yoga as well as advanced yoga practitioners!

Which Class should I start with?

I always recommend starting with the basic yoga flow. Here I will focus on the basics of yoga and keep it simple. Any class is great for beginners too!

I'm an experienced yogi, will these classes still be for me?

Most definitely! Even those that are experienced in yoga can always find something new from different yoga instructors. My yoga classes can also be great for those that are more advanced in the 'traditional' practice more often done in the west as it's generally focused on poses, flexibility, & working out. My focus is on body-mind connection, mental health, & emotional healing.

What if I can't make the scheduled time?

No worries! I will always record the class & provide access to you if you have paid for it. You'll never have to miss out and always get to practice with me!