By now, a lot more people have heard the phrase “self-care.” For some though, this may be a new concept that you’ve never heard of or if you are as I once was you might think that self care is being selfish. Well it’s not. Self-care is actually far from selfish and because it’s helping you better yourself (physically, mentally, and emotionally), you will be better able to help those around you in your life. Let’s explore more what self-care is and what self care means for you.

What is self care?

Self care is doing things for you and taking care of yourself in a way that is done on purpose and with purpose. Self care is taking time for you in a mindful matter. This includes self-compassion, self awareness and self love. Learning about yourself, what makes you feel good, calmer & happier in finding ways to love yourself and find self compassion is a process that you can explore during your self care time.

What self care looks like will vary for each person. Some of us need bubble baths, meditation, a walk outside, a shopping trip where we buy something for ourselves without feeling guilty, or to disconnect from all screens for an afternoon. The things I do for my self-care I have found to work for me and what my mind and body need. You have to explore and find what self care means to you and what works for you to show your body and mind the care it needs. (See some ideas for self care down below.)

Why is self care important?

As I mentioned previously, despite how it might sound or feel, self care is not selfish. Self care helps you to feel better and to love yourself which basically in turn makes you a better person to be around! At least I know that’s the case for me. If I’m running on low fumes, feeling exhausted and stressed then I am not as fun to be around. I also find when I’m not practicing self care I am shorter with my kids and not able to care for them how I truly want to.

Here are some reasons self care is important for our mind and body health. Some of these may be more personal to you than others so find why self care is important to you, write those down and explore what self care means for you.

10 Reasons you need self care

  1. Self care allows us to give more to others.
  2. Being compassionate towards yourself will increase your self esteem. 
  3. Taking care of yourself can improve your physical health.
  4. Self care will decrease your stress levels and teach you stress management
  5. You will get to know yourself better, increasing your self awareness and emotional regulation. 
  6. Even though it sounds counterproductive… taking time for yourself will increase your productivity. 
  7. You will find a healthier work-life balance.
  8. Finding time to do things you enjoy allows you a break from doing things for other people, creating boundaries.
  9. You will learn ways to refocus when you feel you are getting off track and at a breaking point. 
  10. Self care will allow you to take time to learn to love yourself.

Ideas for self care

  • Go for a walk outside
  • Meditate or practice deep breathing exercises
  • Dance to your favorite song
  • Exercise
  • Take a bath
  • Cuddle under a blanket
  • Get a massage
  • Write in a journal
  • Draw, doodle, color, paint
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Find things that make you laugh
  • Write a list of things you love or are grateful for
  • Try something new you’ve always wanted to do
  • Buy something for yourself
  • Turn your phone off
  • Choose who you spend time with
  • Be okay with saying “no”
  • Call someone you love
  • Make a lunch date with your friend
  • Do absolutely nothing (and be okay that you are doing nothing)

I also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to self-care that you can follow for more ideas! And here is something you can save to keep on hand when needing ideas for self care.

If you are ready to start making the changes in your life, allowing yourself to ….just b.e. and begin your self care journey then head over to my Instagram for a fun self care challenge!

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