What is balanced living? What does a life look like with balance? How do YOU balance YOUR life? The answer to these questions will vary from person to person but let’s get started by looking into what it means to be balanced in life and ways to live a life with balance.


There are two parts of balanced living I will discuss in this post. And no… neither include balancing yoga poses like in the picture above. Check over here for that!

Waiting for the next

Do you ever feel like your wheels are spinning & spinning and think that your life be better or you’ll be happier once this is done or once you have that one thing life will be complete & perfect?

This constant reach for gratification without realizing that you can have the joy everyday right now is something our society has come to accept as the normal way of living. Well surprise surprise… it’s not! That way of living is actually more likely to cause you unhappiness, dissatisfaction in life, & continuous feelings of disappointment and sadness.

People might think:

“once I’m __ lbs… I’ll be so much happier” or “once I stop eating ___… I’ll be the weight I want & be happier” 

“when I have ____ , _____, & ____ done, I’ll love my house & be happy” These blanks might include a bigger kitchen, nicer cabinets, new carpets, a new couch, new floors (okay… yes, some of those are on my list)

“when I have finished ____ , I’ll find someone & they will complete me” or “once I lose ___ lbs… I’ll find love”

“getting this ____ job will just make things better for me”  

… hopefully you get the point.

First, this type of thinking is not living in the now (mindfulness) and when we live like that we are more prone to mental health problems 


Secondly, this does not help you on your journey to decreasing & managing stress & finding the balance in life.

Balanced living is about finding balance in all aspects in our lives.

–All aspects include eating, playing, sleeping, fitness, relationships, hobbies, self-care, work, etc. etc. etc.

Not too much & not too little

We can look at this on a broad spectrum…

Spending too much time at work means you will not spend as much time nourishing your relationships with your spouse or partner, children, family & friends as well as taking care of your self physically & mentally. But then spending too much time in another area means the others will suffer in some way.

We can also look at this on a smaller scale…

Eating too much of a bad food will impact our physical fitness & appearance (which will have a ripple effect on other areas in our lives), but eating too much healthy food & being overly concerned about what you eat can possibly lead to an unhealthy relationship with food (possible eating disorders)… please note I said “possibly” OR spending too much time scrolling through social media vs. not allowing yourself to simply do nothing at times (something I used to have a hard time balancing)

I always tell people “it’s all about balance” … eat the Dove Chocolate covered blueberries on occasion & don’t feel guilty about it if you are generally eating a healthy balanced diet … sit & read a book & do nothing without feeling guilty because there are other more productive things you could be doing as long as you are getting things done for the most part … allow yourself to have a down day (what I call my days my depression is harder to manage) here & there as long as you have more up days then down or as long as the down day doesn’t turn into days & weeks then months …

it’s all about balance

Finding balance in all areas of life is important for our physical, mental & emotional well being.