Are you starting to see salt lamps show up in your social media feed more often or as you’re out and about shopping? Have you been hearing more people talk about salt lamps and wonder what on earth a salt lamp is even for besides the beautiful light amber glow color it gives off? You are not alone! I’ve had many people ask me about my salt lamp and want to know why use salt lamps and what the benefits are of a salt lamp, if any … so let’s talk about it!

What is a salt lamp?

A salt lamp is basically a lamp made of a chunk of pink Himalayan salt. Sidenote — A real Himalayan salt lamp is made of salt that comes from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan… that is the only true source of pure Himalayan pink salt. Be sure that wherever you buy your salt lamp from that their salt is sourced from the Khewra Salt Mines.

What does a salt lamp do?

Besides giving off a beautiful color of light when turned on, which can be calming in & of itself, a salt lamp can do other things too! Here’s a short version of how it works…

Salt lamps are negative ion makers. They release the negative ions into the air. Well, why does this matter or what does this even mean? Negative ions are found in nature… ever notice how good you feel at the beach, or the mountains, the ocean or waterfalls? … and they also restore and neutralize the air (the expression “a breathe of fresh of air” comes to mind here). And in case you forgot from science class, an ion is a charged atom or molecule. There are neutral, positive & negative ions but I don’t want to get into that now since I said the short version so you can read a longer version here if you’d like.

When a salt lamp is warmed up, it attracts water molecules. As this water vapor (which can carry the pollutants in the air) comes into contact with the salt lamp, it builds up the ion field, trapping the pollutants and as the salt dries out it’s able to repeat this cycle over and over again. The evaporation of water through salt emits negative ions.

That’s the jist of it. Let’s get to the big questions though… the why! Why do people have salt lamps in their homes?

What are the benefits of a salt lamp?

  1. Cleans & deodorizes air, decreasing air pollution.
  2. Because of #1 this reduces allergens & asthma symptoms. Have you heard of salt therapy? People go to salt caves and salt spas for respiratory issues… here’s more on that if you’re interested. There’s also a salt inhaler for this too!
  3. Decreases electrosmug… the what?! The unhealthy positive ions that are released from electromagnetic radiation (from all of our electronic devices). These positive ions can cause fatigue, increase stress & weaken the immune system. So why wouldn’t we want to decrease the electrosmug?
  4. Increase energy levels
  5. Increases the immune system as it decrease the risk of infection.
  6. Reduces anxiety. This is due because of the increase in negative ions as well as the color of a salt lamp (when turned on) can be calming.
  7. Improved mood. This is not only because anxiety is decreased & you’re feeling better physically but negative ions are said to increase serotonin which can alleviate depression, relieve stress & increase energy.
  8. Better sleep. Which is due to all of the above!

Tips to owning & caring for a salt lamp.

Size- There are different sizes of salt lamps. Depending on the space it’s used for is the size you should purchase. The larger the space needs a larger lamp or multiple lamps placed around the room.

Cleaning- If your salt lamp is dusty, use a lightly damp cloth to wipe it down then dry it with a soft towel or turn it on to warm up and dry.

Here is also a great guide to buying a Himalayan salt lamp.