One of my favorite things about fall time is the smells! There are just those certain scents that scream Autumn is here. I was thrilled to get some of these scents in the Simply Earth Essentials Oils October box. My house has been smelling amazing and giving me a little excitement for this time of year… it’s usually so hard for me (goodbye summer 😢).

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What is Simply Earth?

Simply Earth is a monthly subscription box full of essential oil goodies. I’m very picky about my essential oils since they go in the air that my children & I breathe, on our skin & sometimes in our bodies. Simply Earth has 100% pure essential oils that are stated to be ethically sourced, GC/MS tested & no additives!

The box is only $39 per month with free shipping! Each box comes with 4 oils plus extras (see more below)… usually you can only get 1 maybe 2 quality essential oils for that price. So that’s the steal #1. But when you sign up you get the BONUS box with tons more goodies! A bonus box is then sent every 6 months. Steal #2. This is amazing & I’ll tell you why in just a bit.

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Let me tell you one other great thing about this company. They give 13% of their profits to fight against Human Trafficking. We all know how important this is right now. So not only do you get quality products for a great price but you’re helping to support a great cause as well. 💕💕

Finally, as a member of Simply Earth you have access to their free online courses teaching you about essential oils, access to member-only sales and you are part of an exclusive community of others sharing your interest in essential oils.

What’s in the Simply Earth Essential Oils box?

Included in the monthly box:

  • 4x – 15 ml essential oils
  • 2-3 extra items (for the recipes)
  • 5-6 recipe cards

The BONUS box includes:

  • 4 oz bottle of fractioned coconut oil (great for applying to the skin)
  • 4 oz bottle of almond oil
  • 12 fl ox coconut oil (unrefined & cold pressed)
  • 6x – 5 ml bottles
  • 6x – roll on bottles
  • 2 oz package of beeswax

I LOVE that they send this bonus box and they add these extras in the monthly box. A huge reason I wouldn’t do much with my essential oils is because of all of these extras you have to purchase to make various things.

They will then send a BONUS box every 6 months of your membership!

That’s what is so great about Simply Earth though is they send you this bonus box PLUS things you will need to make the different recipes included in that month’s box. Seriously you guys… this makes me so happy!

COUPON: Use my code HAELIANNEFREE and get a $40 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box. You can use the $40 gift card on your future purchases or your next box.

In the October box…

  • Autumn Air essential oil blend- this is a blend of lemon, orange, balsam fir, ho wood & cassia essential oils… or a blend of amazingness!
  • Breathe Easy essential oil blend- a blend of fir needle, cedarwood, frankincense & myrrh essential oils
  • Eucalyptus essential oil – one of my most favorite oils
  • Mandarin essential oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin – this moisturizes & improves the appearance of the skin by bringing water into it.
  • Spray bottle
  • Emulsifying Wax .4 oz
  • 6 Recipe cards

Recipes for this month

Something I like about the Simply Earth Essential Oils box is that the recipes seem to be… simple. Most of what you need is included in the monthly box or the bonus box & none of these recipes take longer than 20 minutes! They really do make it so easy.

Natural Hydrating Body Spray

This uses the vegetable glycerin, almond oil, emulsifying wax & the Breathe Easy essential oil in the spray bottle. Not included: distilled water & food thermometer.

The Best Natural Lotion Recipe

This recipe uses the vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, emulsifying wax, beeswax, almond oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, & the Mandarin essential oil. Not included: distilled water, small blender, food thermometer, & small sealable container.

Exfoliating Body Polish

For this, you use the almond oil, emulsifying wax, Mandarin essential oil & the Autumn Air essential oil blend. Not included: granulated sugar, small sealable container.

Cleansing Foot Soak

Uses the fractioned coconut oil, Autumn Air essential oil blend, & the Eucalyptus essential oil. Not included: epsom salt, small jar.

It’s Fall Y’all

This a blend of the Autumn Air essential oil blend, Mandarin essential oil & the Breathe Easy essential oil blend. This is put into a diffuser which is not included but if you don’t have one… I highly recommend you get one!

Muscle Soothing Roll-On

This uses the fractioned coconut oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, & the Mandarin essential oil in a roll-on bottle (all included).

My recipe experience

This box showed up at a perfect time! First, as previously mentioned.. I hate saying goodbye to summer & something that helps with that are the Autumn scents. So I put the It’s Fall Y’all in my diffuser and it smells so good. I’ve even had others comment on how good my house smells when I have that blend going.

The next thing I tried out was the Muscle Soothing Roll-On. I have recently started working out harder, stretching more, and doing more dancing (I’ve missed it too much). My body is not used to this type of movement so my muscles have been aching so this really came at such a great time. I’ve been using this super easy to make roll-on blend & it not only feels good on my muscles but smells oh so good too!

If you have been interested in trying out some essential oils but have no idea where or how to start… Simply Earth is where I’d go! They make essential oils simple. Finally I can start doing more than just diffusing my oils.

For those that have never heard of Simply Earth or if you want to learn more about them, check out their website. They also have other essential oils & accessories and a free e-book full of toxin-free recipes!

Why I think it would be a good idea to jump on this soon

1- you get a $40 gift card using my code HAELIANNEFREE just for signing up for your first box (you can cancel at any time)

2- it’s that time of year with all those yummy smells that remind us of the holiday seasons and I bet there will be some good scents coming knowing what came in my October box.

Here is the code for if you sign up to get a $40 gift card (first time members only)

COUPON: Use my code HAELIANNEFREE and get a $40 gift card with your initial subscription box and bonus box. You can use the $40 gift card on your future purchases or your next box.