What is sexy self confidence? What is sexy confidence? What is sexy? We’ll each have some variations in our answers to these and that’s okay. The definition in the dictionary of sexy is: sexually attractive or appealing. Well, what is sexually attractive or appealing to me won’t be for someone else. We all have different tastes and that’s a good thing!

But what about when it comes to the word sexy when you are describing it for yourself. Knowing your definition of sexy is an important step when building your sexy self-confidence. An even more important step when working on your sexy confidence that I find stops a lot of women in their tracks is all the negative emotional and mental blocks that come up when they think of “sexy” or wanting to be sexy (more on those soon).

These blocks can come from various things such as the way we were raised, any trauma in our lives, our attachment styles, religions practiced (or forced into), the ways we interpreted messages from society, our communities and so much more! There really is a lot that has gone into the way you feel about the word sexy and feeling sexy. There are also things that happen that mess with your feelings of being sexy.

To be able to build your sexy confidence you have to recognize any of these mental and emotional blocks and where they came from. Our thought distortions can also play a role in this. Once this has happened we’re able to work through any that are needed to, release them and heal on our journey forward to building our sexy selves.

Now this is sexy

In embracing the sexy woman inside of you, you have to get out of your head. I know that’s easier said than done but we can’t continue to compare ourselves, judge ourselves and never feel good enough. Every woman deserves to feel and embrace her sexiness and every woman should!

Sexy self confidence will require self acceptance and self love. We have to truly accept all parts of us and love all of those parts. This will be extremely difficult to do if we are more worried about what others think, how we compare to others or not allowing ourselves to fully express this woman inside.

Unleash this sexy woman! And love this sexy woman!

So what is sexy confidence?

For purposes of working with women in feminine empowerment and in working with couples, here is how I define sexy self confidence.

  • Not holding back any parts of you. Not hiding yourself because you don’t feel good enough, pretty enough, the right size, weight or shape.
  • Loving all parts of yourself inside and out.
  • Embracing your sexuality and living it to your fullest. No holding back & expressing yourself how you feel most comfortable and most desired to.
  • Having the confidence to be sexy (whatever that means to you but not for others).
  • Feeling that you are sexy and owning it!

Why sexy self confidence is important

When you feel like you are truly sexy and you love this women fully, it will improve your self-esteem and your self-worth. You are going to feel better about yourself and overall happiness in your life. You will find more enjoyment in your sex life & create a healthier sex life. Truly embracing this part of you and receiving all of these benefits will improve your mental health bringing you even more happiness and love for your life.

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