I am so excited! Up until now I have worked with clients in the general population and never narrowed down any set issues, mental diagnoses or populations I like to or want to work with. Well that has changed. Read more why it changed, what that means & what is feminine empowerment coaching about!

WHY I’m focusing on feminine empowerment

I’ve been working and will always continue to help people through a holistic lens…. this means we are looking at the whole person & the whole picture of their life. In doing so I came to find a part of the person that was being neglected and especially for women. The sexy part of them.

I have had my own battles with “is it okay to be sexy?” … “am I sexy?” … “I’m not the ‘right’ weight on the scale to be sexy” …. “I cannot be sexy & be mom” … “if I’m sexy, I’ll be thought of as slutty” … “I want to be sexy but feel gross” … “am I just not sexy enough”.

There’s probably more in there that I’ve struggled with. Then I started hearing women struggling with relationships with their partners and themselves saying similar things! I looked & looked for other therapists and life coaches addressing these issues but couldn’t really find any. If I did, it usually went to the extreme …. find joy in touching yourself or using your vibrator …. which is fine with me but I know a lot of women can’t even get to a point that they feel their sexuality and sexiness even matters.

So I started finding more and more women, including myself struggling with different emotional and mental blocks around sexuality and sexiness that are holding them back from embracing these parts of them & feeling confident in their bodies and their lives.

Common mental and emotional blocks around sexuality often include:

  • shame
  • guilt
  • fear
  • embarrassment
  • self-doubt
  • insecurities
  • low confidence
  • trauma responses
  • betrayal trauma

More on these soon!

WHAT this means for you

So much goodness is coming! I am here to help women learn how to recognize their mental and emotional blocks around sexuality and their sexiness like shame, guilt & fear then work through healing the parts of them that need to be healed & releasing these blocks. Then together, we focus on rewriting your story around sexuality to be able to define what sexy really means to you & how you can be that woman you dream of being without the shame, without the guilt and without the fear. This will allow yourself to be able to fully embrace ALL parts of the woman inside of you & to be 100% confident in your body, yourself & your life.

This means you will become empowered in embracing your femininity to be able to love yourself fully.

HOW this is being offered

Feminine Empowerment Coaching

1:1 coaching with Haeli who is a licensed marriage and family therapist, sex coach and registered yoga teacher. Read more about her here. Haeli uses many techniques she has learned in practicing psychotherapy & her trainings in mental health & trauma-informed yoga and applies these in her coaching offerings. Check out more on this here!

Coming soon:

Group coaching with Haeli will include 4 weeks with a group of women (no more than 10) that are experiencing similar issues.

Weekly Classes with Haeli all around sexiness, sexuality and relationships with yourself and with others. These will include yoga classes

Future topics will include

  • healing trauma to embrace your sexy woman inside. These traumas can be from sexual trauma & betrayal trauma (betrayal trauma will usually include affairs either physical or emotional or when a partner talks with others online or hides certain things from us that make us question our own sexiness)
  • healing from the ending of relationships & break ups. Focusing on how to heal yourself & find your sexy again.

Here’s what you can do now

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