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This can be a tough topic to talk about. But it’s one of the most important topics we should be talking about. And contrary to what many people think, talking about suicide can actually help save lives from suicide. It’s National Suicide Prevention Week which means it’s time to talk about the uncomfortable and sometimes scary things. This week brings awareness to what can save lives.

September is known as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and then there’s a week during September that is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week. Then we have World Suicide Prevention Day during that week.

Yes, we should be talking about suicide prevention all of the time but as a therapist in the mental health field, I love that we have a month & week dedicated to bringing more awareness to it.

Facts about suicide

Here are some facts I found from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention website (their numbers came from cdc.gov) and the from Each Mind Matters website to help us learn more about how prevalent suicide is and how it is affecting us:

Keep in mind these numbers are from 2018 (from the CDC). We know that these numbers continue to rise each year. We are also seeing and will continue to see a mental health crisis with the COVID-19 pandemic. Just doing an internet search will bring up articles from all across the country about the concern of suicide rates right now and possibly for the next decade.

Helpful information for this week

So I feel this is a year I HAVE to talk about this as I am not only a licensed psychotherapist but I have had my life impacted by suicide and I too have struggled with my own suicidal thoughts. Did you know that sharing your own personal stories and battles with suicide and how it’s impacted your life can actually help others with suicidal ideation? (see below)

Here is some more information about National Suicide Prevention Week and what you can do to take part of it:

Here are the links to the websites mentioned above:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Suicide Prevention Resource Center

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

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Below are some crisis hotlines for those in need or for us to share!

And always remember you can call 911 in any emergency.