I have always been in favor of creating a space in my home to practice yoga, meditation or even do my fitness workouts. I even decided this last year to make a space that was just for my yoga sessions and nothing else was done in that room. I am lucky I could make my own yoga and meditation room as a lot of people do not have the space to that. So here, I want to talk about ways you can make your own home yoga space.

Having a space in your home to do yoga or meditation can be helpful for your body and your mind. Not only are you more likely to use a place that is designated for your practice but having a routine will remind your brain what your body does in this place. It is like the training of the bed for sleep with sleep hygiene. Many professionals suggest only using your bed for sleep and sex so your mind and body associate your bed with those things only and it can help you sleep better.

Creating your own yoga area in your house can also be a great way to honor yourself. It is a place you have made to be yours to do what you feel is important to you. Your body and your mind will love you even more for doing this.

With all that is going on in today’s world and us having to be in our homes more, making a yoga practice space in your home is a perfect solution! It can help you “escape” from the world, or even from your job if you’re working from home now. A lot of studios have also gone to virtual yoga classes and online trainings so this will also help you keep up your yoga practice or start one if you are new to yoga.

It doesn’t take much to start your own yoga practice for beginner yogis and below we’ll go over some helpful steps in making a specific place to practice your yoga at home!

Create your home yoga space

1. Make a spot for your yoga mat

This is really the most important step in creating your home yoga practice area. In most cases, this is all that is really needed to be done to practice at home! A lot of people put off doing yoga in their homes because they don’t have a place for it. If you can find a spot to put your yoga mat, unroll it and practice, then you are good to go!

If you are tight for space, I often suggest for people to make this spot in their bedrooms. Not only do you usually have a spot on the floor in your bedroom to put your yoga mat, it helps a lot with the following steps as well!

make your own yoga space in your bedroom

2. Have a peaceful space

We want to practice our meditation or yoga in a space that can be quiet and free from distraction. Choose a place in your home that you can find privacy when needed so not to be bothered by others. You could even make a little sign to place near your yoga practice area that can be labeled “in session” so then that way others know to be quiet during that time.

If you can practice your yoga outside at your home that could be helpful too! It’s always good for our bodies, minds and souls to get some natural light and fresh air. If you can’t put your mat outdoors, that is okay. If you can find a place that gets more natural light than a spot that is dark and hidden that can be helpful too.

Again, if you are tight on space, the bedroom can be perfect here because generally it’s just you and maybe one more person that uses the bedroom. Our bedrooms can often be a place of sanctuary and if not, I highly suggest making yours that way!

3. Decorate how you like

It’s always more inviting to go into a space and use it when it’s an area we like and a place that is appeasing to us. We will be more likely to want to go to that spot if it’s something we like to look at and be in. If our yoga home practice space is a little slice of heaven to us, we will naturally want to escape there more often and find reasons to practice!

Some tips for what could be in your yoga space could also come from this post on creating a meditation space in your home. The top suggestions for decorating your yoga room… make it your own!

  1. Make it your own
  2. Declutter it
  3. Technology free (aside from maybe a speaker, something for music or sounds, and something for a timer or a watch)
  4. YOUR favorite decor! I do suggest trying to add in different elements for your senses. Candles or incense for smell, salt lamps or pictures for sight, music or chimes for sound, blankets, cushions or your yoga mat for touch and oils or a treat (one of my favorites for meditation) for taste.
yoga space in front room of home

4. Add props to your yoga space

I was once one that didn’t think I needed props for my yoga practice. After some learning I came to found how great props can actually be for us! Props are not for people that can’t do certain things or for the less flexible. A lot of the times, props are better to use than not at all! I love props now!

My top recommended props to start with in your yoga space at home:

I use all of these in my home yoga room! You can find some ideas for them here in my favorites & must-haves.

add props to your home yoga space

And that is it friends! Those are the top things I would recommend in making your own home yoga space. Again, all you really need is a mat (or blanket) to practice on and a spot in your home to put your mat. It has taken me a couple years to build my space how I want it and it’s still not there. You don’t have to get everything you want all at once.

Start small, grab your mat and carve out a place in your home for your yoga practice. Go to this spot every day that you can for at least 10 minutes. Even if you don’t do a full yoga asana sequence and instead meditate or practice breathwork, that is progress! Then as you go, slowly add to your space to make it yours so that your mind and body will want to go there every day and find peace and comfort in your place you have created.

Please add below in the comments some of your must-haves and favorites for your yoga space in your home!