and certified yoga instructor I guide you to live your life true to the real you gaining more confidence in yourself, your body, and in your relationships. Join me & many others out there that are ready to take control of their lives, their bodies, their relationships, and their sexuality.

Are you ready to feel empowered, confident, inspired, and sexy? I help those struggling with mental and emotional blocks around their relationships with their bodies, with themselves, with sex, and with others. As a licensed marriage therapist, relationship and sexual empowerment coach, 






it's time to feel

"Be true to yourself. be kind to yourself. be honest with yourself. and always
be your sexy self"


Personalized one-on-one sessions with Haeli. Individual or couple coaching for the relationships you have with yourself, others, your body, &/or sex.



It's time to get comfortable talking about sex! You can meet with Haeli individually and in group settings, if you choose, to learn more about yourself, sex, and the two together.

Let's Talk About Sex


Join Haeli in group coaching sessions on various topics around relationships, sex, self-love, healing, and more. You can join at any time taking just one group at a time or unlimited each month.

Group Coaching


Haeli offers yoga for mental health through group classes. All yoga is taught from a trauma informed lens & focuses on the whole person... not just the poses.

Yoga for Mental Health