Looking for natural ways for stress relief and relaxation? These essential oils for stress and essential oil blends are the best picks for when you are looking to reduce and relieve stress.

best essential oils for stress relief

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Part of the appeal of essential oils is that they are a natural way for healing the body and mind. They have been around and used frequently in cultures around the world for years. Just like yoga & meditation, essential oils are becoming increasingly popular with more people spreading the knowledge & learning  about the great benefits & healing powers all of these things have. And the best part about these things is how natural & easy they are to create a healthy & mindful life!

You can use essential oils for stress relief through:


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Add drops of oil into an oil diffuser with water to get the aroma of the oils into the air & spread throughout your space.


Apply onto the skin … with caution. You might need to dilute the essential oil with a carrier oil. Read this article on How to Use Essential Oils on Your Skin to learn more about using oils topically.


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Mix drops of essential oils with water in a spray bottle or water bottle and spray into the air or onto linens, furniture or your yoga mat.

Dry Evaporation:

Apply drops of the essential oils onto a cotton ball or tissue to evaporate into the air. Leave it sitting on your desk while you work or lay it near your pillow while you sleep. Or you can apply the drops onto a scarf or handkerchief & carry it with you throughout the day.



Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Here are the best essential oils to use for stress management for when you are looking for that relaxation from the stress going on in your life.

  • Bergamot -calming & uplifting
  • Frankincense -relaxing & grounding
  • Grapefruit -uplifting & calming
  • Roman chamomile -smoothing & relaxing
  • Sandalwood -grounding & peaceful
  • Geranium -uplifting & refreshing
  • Lavender -calming
  • Patchouli -relaxing & calming
  • Clary sage -soothing & balancing

Essential Oil Blends for Stress

Here are some of my favorite blends of essential oils for stress relief for those that have a bigger variety of oils on hand.

essential oil blends for stress relief

Enjoy trying different essential oils for stress relief to find what is the best fit to help you relax, calm, unwind and find balance in your life!