Looking to enhance your mood and give yourself a confidence boost? Using essential oils can help us increase our energy and get us motivated. Here are self confidence boosting essential oils and blends that are perfect for diffusing in your home, office or yoga studio.

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Essentials oils for Confidence

There are many essential oils that can help with our mood. When looking to boost your confidence try one of these 10 oils in your diffuser!

1- Bergamot

This essential oil comes from the citrus peel of the bergamot fruit. It gives off a citrus, floral scent. Most citrus oils will provide an uplifting aroma and bergamot is one of those.

2- Orange

One of my favorite oils to diffuse is orange! While giving off the citrus smell, orange essential oil also a sweet aroma to it. This scent can bring feelings of cheerfulness, positivity and encourage creativity.

3- Lemon

Another favorite essential oil of mine is lemon. I love the clean and fresh scent it gives off in addition to the citrus and fruity smell. Lemon oils are energizing and uplifting in addition to increasing our awareness.

4- Lime

Lime is one of the other oils with a citrus and fruity aroma. This oil can provide you with a pick me up giving you a confidence boost.

5- Grapefruit

From another fruit, grapefruit essential oil provides a fruity, citrus smell with a little bitter aroma. This scent uplifts your mood as it uplifts and energizes you.

6- Tangerine

Tangerine essential oils gives off a fresh, fruity, citrus and sweet smell. Which if we notice by now, these citrus aromas from fruit can be uplifting, energizing and tangerine does that as well. This helps to give us a boost our mood and confidence.

7- Jasmine

Jasmine has a floral, tea like scent. This aroma has been used for a long time in helping to decrease depression and emotional stress. Allowing an increase for positivity and self-confidence.

8- Peppermint

Invigorating and minty, peppermint essential oil provides an energy boost. It increases awareness, improves concentration encouraging creativity and mental focus.

9- Rosemary

Rosemary oil is another energizing aroma that decreases emotional and mental stress boosting mental activity and focus.

10- Cypress

Giving off a calming and soothing scent, cypress has an evergreen and woodsy smell. This relaxing and peaceful aroma can aide in emotional strength giving the self a boost in confidence.

Essential Oil Blends for Confidence

When looking to diffuse essential oils for self-confidence, sometimes adding multiple oils to create a blend can give you that boost! These diffuser blends can also work in a roll-on bottle to take with you on the go.

4 drops orange
2 drops frankincense
2 drops geranium

3 lemon
3 rosemary
2 black pepper

8 tangerine
3 spearmint
2 lemongrass

3 grapefruit
3 lemon
1 peppermint

Pick me up
3 ginger
2 bergamot
2 patchouli

4 bergamot
3 frankincense
2 ylang ylang

I am
3 frankincense
2 wild orange
2 cinnamon
2 bergamot

3 bergamot
3 peppermint
3 grapefruit

Diffusing these blends or essential oils to boost confidence will be one of the best ways to enjoy their aromatherapy. There are a variety of diffusers to choose from and range in price with some starting at only $15 on Amazon!

As mentioned previously you could add these single oils or blends to a roller bottle for on the go. Other ideas for on the go are these aromatherapy diffuser bracelets or a variety of other essential oil jewelry.

My personal favorite is to diffuse my oils for everyone in the house to enjoy!

Happy Diffusing!