The need to create a quiet place to relax, unwind and calm the body and mind is becoming more desirable and necessary as our lives become busier and technology is invading almost every aspect of our lives. Here are simple ways to create this space that can be referred to as a mediation space or meditation room.

create a meditation room

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How to Start a Meditation Space in Your Home

Carve out a corner, closet or entire room for your relaxing mediation space. You could also set up a spot outside in your yard for quieting your mind and body and get the bonus of tuning into nature! (I am currently working on creating my outdoor meditation space and can’t wait to share it with you)

Having a place for meditation or relaxation in your home can bring many health benefits that come from meditation including relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and getting a better night’s sleep. This meditation space can also be a place for you to go to escape the noise, calm your emotions and find the balance in our body and mind.

You could even create a small meditation space in your office at work to gain these benefits as well! Remember that meditation does not have to be full of sitting cross-legged, chanting, or singing bowls but can be whatever you want and need and can be as simple as sitting down for 1-5 minutes focusing on breathing and calming your mind.

What’s Needed for a Meditation Space

  1. A space or room that is quiet & undisturbed
  2. A clutter-free area
  3. Technology free

Honestly, that’s all that is really necessary but here are some things that you can add to it. Just be sure to make it your own space that you love and enjoy being in.


Find a way to bring one or more types of nature into your meditation room. This can be natural light, an open space to the outdoors or a window that can be opened to allow air to flow freely. Place a plant or two or a waterfall fountain in your space to help you feel more connected to nature as well.

If you remember from one of the salt lamp posts we feel better when we are outside (by the beach, in the mountains, near water) because of the negative ions that are found in nature and the “feel good” effect they have on us. This is also a great reason many people like having a salt lamp in their mediation rooms too!

Comfortable Seating

A comfortable place to sit is something that should be kept in mind when creating a meditation space. Ideally, you want something that is comfortable but not much so that you fall asleep! Or something that makes you want to fall asleep… unless you are doing this at bedtime for a good night’s rest. This is why you see many people sitting on a simple cushion doing meditation. It requires you to be alert to have to sit up but you can’t lounge back and close your eyes drifting off into a relaxed sleep.

Ideas for seating:

  1. Yoga mat
  2. Cushion – anything from a simple head pillow, a blanket, a pouf, zafu, or a bolster
  3. Meditation benches or chairs made specifically for meditating
  4. Blankets


Your meditation room should be decorated with your own personal touch. The most important thing is to create a space that feels peaceful and calming. This can be done by using decorations that appeal to your senses. For example, you might want to hang some wall hangings that feature nature scenes or calming patterns. You might also want to place some statues or pictures of Buddha in your space. And finally, you might want to add some scented candles or incense to help promote relaxation. By taking the time to create a meditation space that feels perfect for you, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of meditation without ever having to leave home.

Here are some of my favorites for my meditation space.

Make your meditation space your own

A place that you can escape to, relax, unwind, calm your body & mind.