~sex and relationship coaching with Haeli~

I have worked with individuals and couples for years in the therapy office in Utah. Now I am helping others with their relationships with themselves, with others and with sex all over the world. As a licensed marriage and family therapist (associate), I have the education and training that focuses on how to help others achieve their goals when it comes to relationships.

Common questions about sex and relationship coaching

Do I have to be in a relationship to do relationship coaching?

No, you do not have to be in a relationship to get the benefits of relationship coaching. I work with individuals struggling with various types of relationship and/or sex issues. In other situations, a partner in the marriage or relationship does not want to attend sessions with a profressional so I will work with one partner alone as well.

What types of issues do you work on in sex and/or relationship coaching?

All sorts of issues are brought into my coaching sessions. Most common ones deal with communication problems, fighting or bickering, the distance created in the marriage or relationship, sexual difficulties which can include having no sex or intimacy in the relationship or sexual disorders such as low sex drive, low desire, difficulties with arousal or pleasure and more.

Other common relationship and marriage difficulties I work with include infidelity or betrayal trauma (whether in the relationship still or trying to move past this after the relationship has ended), or recovering from a difficult breakup or divorce.

Does my relationship need to be struggling or in a bad place to do relationship coaching?

Definitely not. You do not need to be to a point of pain or hardship to seek professional help. It’s actually even better to learn tools and skills to have healthy relationships when you aren’t emotionally escalated or suffering from difficulties in the relationship. No matter where you are at in your marriage or relationship, gaining knowledge about yourself and your partner and how to improve your love life is always a good idea!

Do I have to be struggling with sex or does my relationship or marriage have to have problems with sex to do relationship coaching with you?

No. While I do offer sex coaching and sexual empowerment coaching, I also offer relationship coaching for those that need help in their relationships for various reasons. This can be in relationships with yourself, your life, your body, or with others. As a family and marriage therapist in Salt Lake City Utah I have gained years of experience in helping others with relationships.

What to expect

Through sex and relationship coaching, you will learn how to have healthier relationships with yourself, with others, and with sex. I will help you in identifying your difficulties along with your goals to create the relationships you are wanting. You will learn valuable skills that you will be able to use to strengthen your relationships and bring you closer to those you love (including yourself). If you are struggling with your relationship with sex or if your relationship is struggling because of sex, I will help you in identifying what is happening and how to overcome this.

Doing marriage therapy in Utah has given me the experience with working with individuals and couples with their relationships and especially their relationship difficulties around sex.

What you get in Sex + Relationship Coaching

  • 60-minute sessions with me via Zoom
  • Customized sex coaching or relationship coaching or both around your needs & desires
  • Meditations & mindfulness exercises tailored to you 

I offer single stand alone 60-minute sessions as well as a package of 6x 60-minute sessions.

What next?

To learn more, get your questions answered or to see if you are ready to get started here are a few options.

I always want to set up a 10-20 minute video call before having you sign up. This way we can both make sure it’s what you want & that I am the best fit for you!

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