~1:1 individual private yoga lessons with Haeli~

When working with Haeli in private yoga sessions for your mental health or sexual wellness you are not only getting a personal yoga class but also gaining an understanding of what it means to live a balanced life through holistic health and healing and personal, one-on-one, mentoring, and coaching for what your needs are specifically.

We are all so very different which means we each need different approaches to living the best life and our best self. Because there is not a one size fits all approach to what health and healing is, you can gain a deeper knowledge as to what it is for you by working with Haeli in a private one-on-one setting.

Did you know that yoga is not just a fitness craze? Did you know that yoga is not just a bunch of poses put together? There is so much more to yoga that can help with our health and healing that so many people are missing out on! You can read more about that here.

Yoga is more of a way of living with self-discipline, living to your values, breathing, mindfulness, enlightenment and more! Using these understandings Haeli has learned of how yoga adds to our health and healing in addition to her education and training in the mental health field and experiences in the wellness field, you can gain so much more in doing a private yoga and coaching sessions. Read below about what you can get with Haeli as your private yoga instructor.

What private yoga lessons and coaching might look like:

  • Personalized yoga poses for your body
  • Individual work on creating a balanced life
  • Finding what you need for yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially +sexually if neeeded
  • Understanding your emotional self
  • Meditations tailored to your holistic healing
  • Breathing exercises specific to what is best for you
  • And more!
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Yoga and Mental Health – Body and Mind

Haeli has years of experience in yoga, mental health, wellness, meditation, and mindfulness. She has been trained in joining yoga practices and mental health together. Her education and experience have allowed her to gain a deeper understanding into the body and mind integration for our health and healing.

Yoga and Trauma

Trauma is such a difficult process to work through and often requires professional help. Through her experience in the mental health field, Haeli found that most people with trauma need more than talk therapy. Haeli has training in yoga for those healing from trauma. She can tailor your yoga poses, meditations, mindfulness practices and breathing techniques taking into consideration what your body and mind need given your past experiences. She will not provide mental health therapy during these sessions and will refer you to another licensed mental health therapist if therapy is needed.

Yoga for Sex

Who is private yoga instruction for?

Private yoga sessions can benefit anyone of any age! The benefit of doing yoga private lessons with Haeli is the addition of the mentoring with individualized plans tailored to you. This type of life coaching can include any aspect in regards to your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and sexual health. Learn more about wellness therapy coaching with Haeli.

Please feel free to contact Haeli with any questions or inquires about private yoga sessions.

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